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Ricky and Wan Pin

Ricky and Wan Pin Actual Day Wedding Highlights held at Concorde Hotel Singapore   When love is all around, one can really feel the couple’s affection for each other. It is no surprise that from any and every angle, we will be either capturing smiles or tears of joy. From the brief gate crash that…

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Adrian and Nat

Adrian and Nat A typical Singapore wedding is one that starts early in the morning and ends at the finale of a banquet. For Adrian and Nat, it was a wedding celebration that goes on forever.  Beautiful aisle decorated by fresh flowers leading up to the solemnization table set in the populous Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach…

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Gabriel and Hui Min

Gabriel and Hui Min Actual Day wedding highlights   From bunnies to honeys. From tears to laughter to cheers. Gabriel and Hui Min’s wedding is a wedding celebration to remember. The many candid moments simply makes photography easier. With everyone joining in the fun, enjoying and having a blast during the Gate Crash (堵门游戏). Brothers…

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Gregory and Alyssa

Gregory and Alyssa Actual Day Wedding Highlights After Thanos, the Avengers descended on Fullerton Hotel Singapore for one last battle with the illustrious Sisters from the Red Planet. As the battle heat up, the heroes were forced to consumed unbearable concoction that could send fears down the spine of the bravest soul. They fought, they…

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