1. What is your style?
The term “photojournalistic” has been so over used that people are often confused or simple doesn’t know what it is anymore. My style is simple, “emotive cinematography” to be exact and that is to capture every moment that will ‘speak’ to the viewer. I believe in the phrase “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and in the photos that I capture I would hope to not only speak but evoke the personification of the scene. So you might say that is probably “photojournalistic”, in which I would somewhat agree. With me, the couple and friends doesn’t have to worry about looking good. Because my aim is to make them look great in all the photos that I take.

2. Do you provide gowns & suits?
No, I don’t. However, I do have partner gown and accessories vendor which I can recommend.

3. Do you photograph group photos and details?
Most definitely! Besides capturing the couple and their friends and families, I sincerely believed that capturing the minute details of the wedding preparation and decorations is equally important to complete the ‘wedding day’ album.

4. Where can we see your latest portfolio online?
Please follow my Facebook Page and Instagram for my latest portfolio and updates. I will update my website as frequent as possible, with more comprehensive showcase of the weddings I’ve photographed.

5. What is your pricing?
I believe an artist should be appreciated for his/her work and price alone should not determine the value of the artist. If you would allow me some time to share with you my vision and how I can assist to create a sense of romance in your wedding, I would be most delighted to have a meet up with you. On a side note, we do respect your decision in wanting to have a better grasp of our packages. Thence forth please kindly have a look at our “Pricelist” page.

6. How come your pricelist does not mention about the max. coverage timing (ie. 10 or 12 hrs etc) ?
As the process of a wedding can’t be quantified, therefore I believed that the coverage timing should not be qualified as well. My approach is to cover from beginning till the end so that nothing is missed. Nothing is insignificant as every single moment makes up your wedding day. Hence there is no fixed timing for coverage (as long as its before the banquet ends). So that you can enjoy your wedding with a peace of mind 🙂

7. Do you provide childhood montage service?
Yes I do, at a top up of $350 (basic slideshow presentation). On another note, you can opt for our Loveinstills’ Signature Concept video at $450 (its a half day video shoot)

8. How can we reserve your photography service? What are the payment methods?
50% – confirmation and lock in dates
40% – 1 week before your actual wedding day
10% – upon collection of thumb-drive

9. What will happen after the reservation?
After the reservation, I will arrange a meetup with you to discuss about the wedding. This is so that besides understanding the flow of the day, we will also better understand each other.

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