Furisode – the uniquely beautiful kimono with style

Furisode (振袖)

A beautiful love affair

According to Wikipedia, a Furisode is the formal style of kimono worn by young unmarried women in Japan. Made of very fine, brightly colour silk, it is commonly rented or bought to be worn when celebrating the Coming of Age Day the year they turn 20. On a more fashionable front however, as it is formal yet not overly conservative due to its bright and distinctive colours, the Furisode has been an increasing favourite amongst the more ‘fashionable’, and it is now worn for important occasion such as weddings and official functions.

There are many types of kimono, from Hikizuri (引きずり) to Houmongi (訪問着) to Shiromuku (白無垢) to Furisode (振袖), the Furisode is the most prestigious dress worn by the unmarried women. And increasingly more so by married women as an expression of Love (ohfurisode).

For occasions such as oversea pre-wedding photography, we often advise our couples to consider this in place of the simpler ones as the Furisode will certainly stand out during photo taking. Also, as wedding photographers we are able to secure for our couples attractive rental rates too. Currently most of our shots are done in Tokyo (Asakusa), for other locations, that can be arranged too.


Asakusa FurisodeSensoji Temple, AsakusaSensoji Temple Nakamise StreetUeno Park, Kimono Furisode pre wedding tokyoAoyama Cemetery, Hanami Sakura photoshootShinjuku Goen, Sakura overlooking NTT Docomo TowerShinjuku Goen Japanese Garden


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