Gregory and Alyssa

Gregory and Alyssa

Actual Day Wedding Highlights

After Thanos, the Avengers descended on Fullerton Hotel Singapore for one last battle with the illustrious Sisters from the Red Planet. As the battle heat up, the heroes were forced to consumed unbearable concoction that could send fears down the spine of the bravest soul. They fought, they dance, they attack, all in a spectacle of grace that satiate the most demanding photographer’s thirst. From acute angles, to candid moments, there were laughter, tears, sweat and blood as the intense energy fill the void of the hotel room. As the battle of the Gate Crash rages on, the prize of the end game is finally within sight. At his snap, Iron Man rose up from the rubble to seek out the hand of the Maiden, bringing to rest the Infinity war.


Director of Photography : Loveinstills

Armour of Love : The Gown Warehouse

Infinity Ring : Cartier Trinity

Love Realm : Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Holy Realm : Church of St Theresa


Bridal Morning Prep ShotsBride with gownAvengers themed Gate CrashAnvengers Infinity War Gate Crash SingaporeBridal Veiling ShotsJesus Christ at Church of St Theresa SingaporeSisters shot at Church of St TheresaHoly Matrimony at Church of St Theresa SingaporeBridal March InCouple's first march in at Fullerton Hotel Straights BallroomBride's Engagement Photoshoot at Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Overlooking Marina Bay SandsChampagne Popping at Fullerton Hotel Singapore


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