Jia Hao and Michelle

Jia Hao and Michelle

Wedding Day Highlights

We often hear the sweet words couple said to each other, “I will love you forever”. But time is fleeting they say, and as the moment passed, we as the dedicated professional wedding photographer will be there to turn this moments into lasting memories.  In Jia Hao and Michelle’s wedding, we started the day off with by gathering at the bride’s place. From morning prep shots to the arrival of groom, there was never a dull moment. It was like a gathering of friends celebrating a special occasion. Love was certainly in the air, as we can see so evidently from the little glances and the sparkles that ignites the moments when Jia Hao laid his eyes on his lovely bride during the unveiling. Aside from these, the tenacity that Jia Hao displayed to win over his bride’s hands in marriage during the gatecrash was nothing but chivalrous. From the Sour-Sweet-Bitter-Spicy food (酸甜苦辣) to the ‘foot massage’ mats, he and his brothers in arms never once give up but persisted. Everyone had a blast.

From Pine Grove to Bukit Timah Railway to Swissotel Stamford, Especially thanks to the lovely couple and their ever fun bridal party. Here are the highlights of the wedding


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