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How to plan for your Actual Day

A typical actual day can be a daunting affair for couples as everything seems to be moving at a lightning pace. Having a well coordinated team to take care of the various ‘customs and practices’ will surely help to alleviate the ‘stress’ for the wedding couple. In our course of work, we have identified a…

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Gate Crash 101, How to have fun

Gate Crash According to the Chinese wedding tradition, the concept of Gate Crash is a series of test or games to authenticate the Groom’s sincerity in winning the hand of the maiden.  While some frown on this concept, citing it being childish or just plain inhumane (as you may have read from articles on gate…

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Singapore Prewedding – Jurong Lake Garden

Jurong Lake Garden After almost 3 years of extensive re-development, the Jurong Lake Garden is finally opened on April 2019. Proving to be a hit with photographers with its well designed landscape and ponds, this garden is slowly becoming a hit for influencers and couples alike. Its also a good alternative for pre-wedding photography too…

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Tokyo Pre-wedding (Kawaguchiko)

Kawaguchiko Known as the Fuji Five lakes, Kawaguchiko is the most famous of the five and its often featured in magazines, travel brochures for it’s spectacular view of the Mt Fuji. A great spot for travel photographers, it is also one of the favorite destination for pre-wedding photoshoot to include when considering Tokyo.    …

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